Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I have a couple other blogs on different email addresses that I wanted to move to one address, and while I was doing that, I found a blog I didn't even know I had from 2004... The only posts on there were a couple of old poems I wrote, so I'm just going to post those on here and delete that one. :)

True Love

Will I ever fall in love
And I mean real love
True love
Not that feeling you think is love
But is really just a crush
An infatuation
I want the real thing
I want my Prince to come
A happy ending
I want someone to love me
As much as I love them
Will I ever fall in love
Or am I destined to be alone

Love Isn't

Love isn't perfect harmony
Love isn't waking up to the most beautiful creature on Earth every morning
Love isn't thinking of that which makes you whole twenty-four hours a day
Love isn't cooking breakfast in bed for the one who snuggled with you all night long
Love isn't walking hand in hand along the beach
Love isn't arguing over the little things
Love isn't doing any of these things
It's doing all of them for the rest of your life
And being truly happy for it