Monday, February 28, 2011

365 Day #13

A flower dances
In the wind
Content with life
But does it worry
About its world
Global warming
Busted economy
How can it be
So utterly at ease
Does it know something
We do not
Has God whispered
Some promise
Into its petals
Some revelation
From Revelations
I envy the flower
In its own little world
Focused on the sun
Or maybe the Son.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

365 Day #12

If I choose
To refuse
To let you dump on me
If I negate
All the hate
That you throw at me
If I despise
All the lies
That you give to me
If I walk away
Will you beg me to stay
Or will you let me be?


365 Day #11

Fingernail Polish

I sit on the couch
And paint my fingernails
The color I choose
Gives away my mood
Hot pinks and blues
A touch of glitter
For my wild side
A little rocker chic
To make me feel like a rebel
When really I'm just
A silly little girl
Playing dress up
No dolls or tea sets
No frilly gowns or feather boas
Just a little color
To add to the monotony
A little glimpse of a dream
For me to smile at
When I glance down.

Monday, February 21, 2011

365 Day #10

I Choose Strength

As the piercing wind blows
Through my open windows
My mind, it echoes
Not the to’s, but the fro’s
All the never’s and no’s
All the steps on my toes
How is it no one knows
How it withers my rose
How it wrinkles my nose
As tear by tear flows
As the time goes and goes
Through the rains and the snows
On my face, well it shows
But the crying soon slows
As I realize I chose
To give strength to my foes
I withstand no more blows
As my confidence grows.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

365 Day #9

Will you stay?

If I try
Will I fail
Will I succeed
Will it matter
If I fail
Will I cry
Will I die
Will you care
If I succeed
Will I soar
Will I thrive
Will you stay
If it matters
Can I choose
Win or lose
Will you stay?

365 Day #8

Sometimes Life Isn't Fair

The world spins
Yet I stand still
I climb and climb
Yet roll down the hill
I twirl and dance
Yet find no thrill
I give for free
But get the bill

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

365 Day #7

Can you tell I'm way behind on my poems??? Trying to play catch up = some silly/corny poems ;)

Some Day My Prince of Darkness Will Come

Once upon a time
In a faraway place
There lived a girl
With a lovely face
Her heart’s desire
Was a handsome dude
But all she met
Were incredibly rude
But then one day
She happened to acquire
The Twilight series
And so thus a vampire
Was what she now craved
But she remained sullen
To this day still in search
Of her own Edward Cullen.
Yes, I realize I’m a geek… and proud of it! ; )

365 Day #6


I lay in a hammock today
A hammock by the lake
And stared through the bare branches of a pine
At the clear, blue and gray sky above
The only sounds were of the wind
And an occasional bird
Calling to his friends
And in the distance
The calming clinging of a wind chime
A sweet, random melody
Carried on the breeze
Such peace and tranquility
God's beauty and splendor
If only life were this peaceful
If this day was the norm
And chaos the rarity
As I suppose it is in Heaven
Peacefulness every second
I closed my eyes
And imagined it.

365 Day #5

Close 2nd

April showers
Smells like flowers
Prays to God to give her powers
God says nope
But He liked her soap
So He gave her hot water that lasted for hours.

365 Day #4


The morning sun rises
Painting the sky
Pinks and golds
Beauty up above
God's own masterpiece
We live in His portrait
A new design every day
How He must love us
To share with us so

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

365 Day #3

Joyful, Joyful

Joyful, joyful
Oh, how we adore Thee
Is it adore or ignore?
I can’t recall… sorry
But which do I do more
Oh, look what’s on the TV!
Ok, back to what I was saying
Oh, I got a text… hold please
Now, what were we talking about?
Oh, that’s right… we were singing
Joyful, joyful
Oh, how we ignore Thee!
Is it ignore or adore
I can’t recall

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

365 Day #2

Oh Happy Day

Laughing, laughing
Full of life
Sighing, Crying
Enter strife
Dying, dying
Sharp the knife
Laughing, flying
The Lamb's wife.

Monday, February 7, 2011

365 Day #1

Full Circle of a Daydream

A bird lands on a tree outside my office window
Turning, turning, trying to find the last berry on the tree
I wonder if there are babies in a nest somewhere
Chirping and bobbing up and down, mouths never closing
I want to yell through the window at the bird
"It's there, on the branch below you. Turn around!"
But I know the sound would only scare it away
If only I were Snow White, or better yet Aurora
Although I'd like to skip the part when she's asleep
A castle, a prince, beautiful face and voice
I'd sing all day long if I sounded like her
Dancing with the animals through the forest
Skipping and twirling, not a care in the world
Not worrying about the witch because she's dead
Dead like those poor baby birds will be
If they aren't fed soon, chirping and bobbing
Mama bird's just sitting there on the branch
Is that a frown on her beak, a tear in her eye
In frustration and despair I stand up
The movement alarms her and she flies away
The lone berry waves at me in the wind
Ring, ring... break's over.